You can never run out of options when looking for accommodation in New Zealand. They have everything for everyone. You just need to define your budget and choose the most convenient option for you.

Types of Accommodation

  • Hotels: Hotels are a popular choice for people who are visiting New Zealand. There are international chains, such as the Sheraton. It is more competitive to get accommodation in major towns like Queenstown. Wellington and Auckland might be more expensive during the week as they are a preferred business destination.
  • Apartments: If you will be travelling for long and you want a space that feels like home, you can rent an apartment. Read some of the terms and conditions that apartments come up with so that you are sure of getting the best deal.
  • Motels: Motels are a cheaper option when you are looking for a simple place to stay. Some of them have a kitchenette where you can cook simple meals. They rarely have restaurant facilities.
  • Bed and Breakfast (B&B): if you are travelling on a budget and you want a cosy place to stay, you should definitely check out a bed and breakfast. Almost all the major cities like Auckland, Nelson, Christchurch and Rotorua have bed and breakfasts.
  • Country lodges: Staying in country lodges while visiting New Zealand provides utmost luxury. In New Zealand, country lodges are licensed and they thrive to provide comfort, including everything from food to the rooms.

Other accommodation options in New Zealand include holiday homes and hostels. The trick is for you to do as much research as you can before you book your accommodation. Make sure you have read reviews so that you are aware of the kind of options that are available for you.